Fire protection, security and real estate management – paperless documentation is possible with Testify.

With Testify, the flood of paper and time spent on analog test documentation and task distribution is a thing of the past: documentation including images, task distribution and test execution is digital, with clear responsibilities and with enormous time savings.

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Digitalized quality processes and traceable test documentation lead to real time savings

Start at a fire protection company

Under the leadership of one owner, there are two independent divisions, each with its own administration-intensive challenges: the documentation of the countless standards in the field of fire protection or regular maintenance and testing orders in facility management. Before Testify was implemented, the documentation of test orders was purely paper-based and involved time-consuming follow-up support and filing by the back office. Protocols were subsequently written manually in Word or PowerPoint, which led to some challenges as the number of customers increased:

Challenges at the beginning


Efficient processes with an increasing number of customers.

As the number of customer properties managed and administered increased, the administrative expenses for the paper-based documentation system grew disproportionately. Lack of personnel and time were the daily challenge. With the use of a digital tool, a solution was sought to make processes more efficient so that employees had more time for the essential: excellent service and documentation quality in fire protection and safety testing.

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Automated protocol generation and verification in case of queries

In the time between conducting a test on site and the computer in the office, hours often pass. The challenge was to reproduce the test procedure and result correctly. This process is prone to errors, especially if the tester and the person who created the report are not the same person. With digital and mobile test documentation, protocols can be created automatically immediately upon execution and are available in real time and audit-proof as proof for queries in the digital storage.

Testify integration step by step

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Simple and flexible setup.

Managing Director Markus Igelsböck was already convinced by the high degree of individualization and the flexibility in creating the required checklists during the first presentation. This is an indispensable function given the large number of standards and documentation requirements. In addition, Testify provides a quick overview of the status of all test processes or defects and helps decision makers to make the necessary checks and conclusions.


Quick Roll-Out.

Employees are already equipped with iOS or Android smartphones or tablets, making the Testify app easy to install. The necessary setup can be quickly and independently entered into Testify. The first test procedures and a structured defect management are digitally mapped. Employees are guided step-by-step through the necessary tasks (checklists and issues) via the intuitive user interface. The identification of an internal key user allows for a quick implementation and low training costs.

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Automated logs, traceable activities and enormous time savings.

Through the simple introduction of digital test processes and documentation, all employees benefited from Testify with enormous time savings: by processing checklists and immediate defect creation, Testify enables automated, audit-proof documentation in real time. Any defects detected are digitally documented on site and assigned to other employees for rectification. Processing and progress are immediately traceable: At the push of a button, the BackOffice sees the status of all test procedures and has access to the digital logs. "These reports can be sent to owners quickly and without lengthy searches when the repair status is needed or when asked for at customer meetings," says Markus Igelsböck.


Identification of objects via QR code.

Additional time savings are achieved by the integrated QR Code functionality in Testify. The high number of managed objects incl. fire extinguishers, elevators, etc. can thus be guaranteed without correct allocation. By scanning the QR Code attached to the objects, defects or performed tests are directly assigned and documentation errors are reduced.

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Ongoing expansion and new use cases.

The flexibility of Testify allows for easy extension of the checklists and use cases used. During internal feedback meetings new areas of application are discussed and can be implemented by the acting persons in order to gradually digitalize further areas and activities. A granular role and authorization system allows the targeted control of the acting users and ensures that each employee can perform his or her intended role in Testify. Thus the entire team can work together in the tool according to their responsibilities.


Conclusion and next steps

Another area of development is the use of Testify Reporting dashboards, which can be used to identify and specifically improve frequently occurring or recurring sources of error.

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