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Mobile checklists & work instructions for a paperless, more efficient organization.

Work digitally from now on. Structured recording of your process data and end-to-end compliance across all business units.

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For structured recording of your process data down to the smallest testable unit.

From employee instructions to belt run checks to digital final inspections. Digital checklists enable you to digitize the last mile.

Structured data acquisition up to the
shopfloor level.

For a data-based overall picture of all your business processes.

High degree of standardization of your processes.

For proven product quality.

A platform for digital collaboration.

and thus fewer media disruptions and information silos.

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A wide range of functions for digitizing your inspections, tests and acceptance tests.

Variety of check types.

Define various check types such as photo upload, multiple choice, numeric, duration, calculation with upper and lower limits, single choice, date, selection of a configured test object, logical, text and document.


You can divide checklists into pages, sections and checks, creating a checklist structure according to your usual checklist requirements.

Automatic versioning.

Testify automatically records what changes were made to the checklist, by whom, and when.

Warning limits.

It is possible to define tolerance limits for check types and to give the user an immediate indication in case of deviations.

Assignment of test equipment to checks.

For the execution of checks, dedicated measuring equipment can be designated, which is necessary for the check.

Restriction to users, groups and test objects.

Checklists can be restricted on object level as well as on user level.


Sign executed checklists and thus create legal compliance and traceability.


Create checklist templates based on your created checklists.


In the timeline you will find status changes, assignments and the time of the changes in the respective checklist.

PDF-Generation of test reports .

After checklists have been executed, they can be exported in an audit-proof manner as PDF test reports with signature and timestamps.

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