The enterprise solution for digital process management that starts where your ERP system ends.

The business world is constantly changing. With the software solution from Testify, we guide you on the way to a digital enterprise. Thus digitalization becomes a lived practice in the entire company.

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The world's leading companies rely on Testify as their digital process enabler.

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What we are doing.

We support corporations in the development of new business processes and thus create holistic quality awareness and process quality for products and services.

We are your digital companion and support you from the very first minute to solve your challenges. We combine targeted use cases, integrated project management and groundbreaking technology in our proven Customer Success Model.

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1. Your individual use case as a starting point.

We solve your challenges already in the webinar. At Testify, everything revolves around your individual use case, from the initial discussion about the licensing model to the implementation of the software.
As digitalization consultants, we focus on your use case during the initial meeting,
on the basis of which the implementation of Testify can be planned and targeted.

2. Targeted project planning and support during the entire rollout and beyond.

We are of the opinion that quick success leads to more success. Our goal is to anchor an efficient and structured rollout of our software solution and digital processes in your company with a comprehensive project plan and targeted communication.

3. Quick implementation of the modular software platform to monitor your business processes.

With the software solution from Testify, cross-departmental processes can be mapped in the form of digital checklists. The captured data thus becomes evaluable and transparent and ensures an unprecedented process quality in your company.

With Testify, quality control efforts have now been reduced by 40%. This is an enormous increase in productivity for us.

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Johann Zoppoth
Quality Manager

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Why TestifY.

We help people, companies and institutions with flexible solutions to sustainably improve value creation in their operations.

Involve every employee, partner and external stakeholder in your processes and achieve consistent process quality across company boundaries.

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The All-In-One Enterprise software solution for quality management and process optimization.

From the incoming goods inspection to the recording of issues, right up to the audit. Testify can map numerous applications that you can use individually in your company.

Increased efficiency through paperless production.

With Testify, working through paper checklists is history. Map your workflows digitally and centrally in the Testify cloud solution and involve your employees and stakeholders in the processes.

Higher process quality.

Through the central documentation during the product development process, issues and weaknesses can be identified at an early stage of the product life cycle.

Networked cooperation with suppliers and customers.
And you only need one tool for this.

Suppliers and customers are also an essential part of the product life cycle. With Testify you can integrate external stakeholders into the value chain and save valuable resources.

Deep insights into your process flows.

Testify makes collected data transparent and evaluable. With integrated dashboards you get detailed insights into your process and quality data, can identify causes for quality characteristics and react quickly.

Legally compliant documentation according to ISO 9001:2015 along the entire process chain

You can map your QM processes according to ISO 9001:2015 with Testify and are ready for the next internal or external audit.

With what we can convince.

Functions you need for the digital management of your QM processes.

Spend less time processing and documenting paper checklists and concentrate on your core business.

Digital Checklist Workflows.

Map your business processes using digital checklists in Testify and achieve unprecedented process quality.

SEAMLESS Issue management.

Collect all information about issues in one central place and assign it to responsible persons. In real time.

Integration in your system landscape.

Seamless connection. One central file storage. With Testify, you bring your ERP system to the operational level.


Know what, when, how and where to do it. This promotes not only process quality, but also employee satisfaction.


Bring your entire organization into the digital world. Test objects, workflows, employees and roles can be digitally mapped in Testify.

Cross-Platform Collaboration.

Capturing of issues including photo documentation on the smartphone, notification and processing via tablet and evaluation of the performed processes on the desktop. With Testify you bring traceability to every employee on the store floor.

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Where Testify is Used

One tool.
Various use cases.

Bring your ERP system to the operational level.
Testify is used wherever processes need to be digitally documented, communicated and retrieved.

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who succeeds with us.

Read how companies achieve great results with Testify.

Our Customer Success Model has already established itself in practice. Read our Success Stories to learn about the challenges Testify has mastered.

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