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Digital test equipment management & test object management.

The mobile software solution for quality inspection of your deployed equipment. Bring your objects to be inspected 1:1 into the digital world.

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For a compliant monitoring & management of your measuring and operating equipment.

From simple tools to complex, process-integrated operating equipment, Testify guarantees digital operating equipment management at all levels.

Reduction of analog testing processes.

For more safety and efficiency of your operating equipment.

Early detection of issues & deviations.

To reduce or completely avoid issue rates and complaints in end products.

Standardized quality assurance of your objects to be inspected.

For sustainably better control results in quality inspections.

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A wide range of functions for your test equipment and test object management at a glance.

Bring your real organization 1:1 into the digital world. Testify supports you in achieving your quality goals with a wide range of functions.

Flexible resource management.

Benefit from a freely configurable categorization or division into hierarchies of your equipment into types, objects and components.

Assignment of equipment to inspection plans.

Assign your measuring equipment to a dedicated check of your inspection plan and thus facilitate the documentation of inspection procedures.

Structured data collection with custom fields.

Create structured information such as article numbers, photos and other documents according to your business requirements.

Scheduling of inspection intervals.

Periodic assignments provide automatic instantiation of checklists to your inspected object. Compare previous inspection results directly in the quality inspection.

Definition of tolerance limits for checks.

Define tolerance limits within the scope of your inspections to ensure comparability with measurement standards. Feedback values can be stored directly after the input.

Barcode & QR-Code Scanner.

Import measuring equipment into Testify via barcode or QR scanner and ensure clear, uncomplicated identification.

Customized PDF test reports.

Design test reports individually according to corporate requirements and thus create standard security.

Real-time analysis.

Obtain transparent, measurable data on your operating resources in use and take countermeasures at an early stage if necessary.

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Learn how Testify was able to support the digitization strategy of global market leaders in the manufacturing sector.

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