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The multi-tenant software for quality control.

Rely on a central software platform for quality control, where you can manage multiple tenants without visibility into their database.

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For higher sphere of influence and flexibility in implementing cross-enterprise use cases.

Benefit from structured tenant management with completely separate data storage, for more security in your business processes.

One-time installation effort.

And thus more resource savings in system maintenance and updates and increased cost efficiency.

Regulated data access.

For efficient storage requirements and more security in value-added networked processes.

Cross-company evaluations.

for a data-based big picture of all business activities.

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Efficient collaboration with maximum usability.
A wide range of functions at a glance.

Bring employees, subcontractors, customers and resources together on one platform.

Central tenant management.

Customize the multi-tenant structure for more flexibility in scaling across multiple use cases.

Reporting across multiple tenants.

Perform cross-client reporting and get a picture of all the operational processes of your applications.


Integrated tooling for easy import and export of your entities.


One user - multiple tenants. Switch to other tenants at the push of a button in Testify.

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