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Perform quality inspection mobile and offline.

The mobile software solution for quality inspection can be used as a WebApp throughout the company.

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For fast and structured data acquisition directly at the point of action.

Digitally capture, document and analyze data. Exactly where they are generated. At the employee.

Intuitive operation without the need for training.

For rapid deployment on the store floor and high acceptance among employees.

Availability of data from all stakeholders in real time.

For higher documentation quality and data-based decision making.

Platform-independent use.

für eine schnellere Reaktionszeit während des operativen Geschehens.

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Mobile toolbox for universal use
in all business units.

The standard tool for capturing process-relevant data.

Native App.

Testify is available as a Native App in the App Store of iOS and Android.

Offline capability.

With the help of offline capability, Testify can be conveniently used in places where there is no or weak internet connection.


Testify can also be used as a WebApp from any internet-enabled device.

Can be used on any operating system.

Testify works on any operating system without restrictions.

Google Material Design

The familiar user interface from the private sector was thus brought into the business world.


On mobile devices with camera mode, photos and videos can be conveniently taken, edited and uploaded in the application.

Automated push notifications.

Users are informed about new releases and software updates via push notifications.

QR-Code & Barcode Scan.

Barcodes & QR codes can be easily integrated as part of issue documentation or for the integration of inspection objects.

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