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Checklist Designer

Multiple check types

Define various check types such as photo upload, multiple choice, numeric, duration, calculation with upper and lower limits, single choice, date, selection of a configured test object, logical, text and document.


You can divide checklists into pages, sections and checks, creating a checklist structure according to your usual checklist requirements.

Automatic versioning

Testify automatically records what changes were made to the checklist, by whom, and when.

Warning limits

It is possible to define tolerance limits for check types and to give the user an immediate indication in case of deviations.

Assignment of test equipment to checks

For the execution of checks, dedicated test equipment can be designated, which is necessary for the check.

Restriction to users, groups and test objects

Checklists can be restricted on object level as well as on user level.


Sign executed checklists and thus create legal compliance and traceability.


Create checklist templates based on your created checklists.


In the timeline you will find status changes, assignments and the time of the changes in the respective checklist.

Customized PDF Export of Test reports

After checklists have been executed, they can be exported in an audit-proof manner as PDF test reports with signature and timestamps.

Translation- management

Checklists including sections, pages and checks and check types can be completely translated into other languages without changing the database.

Integrated search

The integrated search function can be used to conveniently search for checklist titles, whether they are activated or deactivated.


Map complex and nested workflows simply and efficiently. The relevant Checks are opened on the basis of check results. Your users only see what is really relevant.

Assign automatically

With automatic assignment, you can automate individual work steps and store predefined responsibilities. This makes your collaboration even more dynamic and interdisciplinary.


Gain more insight into your location data. You can specify and retrieve the exact coordinates in real time.


Issue management

Issue categories

Individual issue categories can be created to cluster issues from the same type.

Mapping of responsibilities

Recorded issues and issue categories can be automatically assigned to a defined user group or individual responsible users.

Issue tracking within a checklist

Issues can be recorded directly during the execution of checks within checklists.

Issue tracking stand alone

Issues can be recorded stand alone, independent of checklists.


Like the Checklists Timeline, the Timeline indicates what changes have been made to the issue over time.

Issue search

With the help of search issues can be searched by title.

Custom fields

With the help of custom fields, additional information can be captured in a structured way.

Additional information

The severity, status, due date and description help to document data in a structured way on the issue.

Media & Document-Upload

With the help of media documentation, the camera mode of the mobile device is opened when a issue is created. In addition, the photo can be edited in the app. Furthermore, any documents can be uploaded.

Export issue report

For each issue, reports can be conveniently exported as PDFs and contain all important information about the tracked issue.


Test equipment- and Test object management

Custom fields

In addition to predefined fields, specific fields can be configured for structured data collection.

Hierarchy: test object type, test object & components

Model your real-life test object hierarchy 1:1 in Testify.

Test equipment category

Create test equipment categories to assign the same equipment to a unit.

Test equipment

Test quipment are tools for checking your test objects and can be assigned to issues or checklists.

Integration via QR- & Barcode

Integrate test objects, measuring equipment or components using QR codes and thus create a clear assignment.


Digital Collaboration

Approval processes according to ISO 9001

Create individual approval processes for checking and approving documents or process steps.

User- and Groupmanagement

Conveniently manage users and assign them to relevant groups in your organization.

Push & In-App Notifications

With real-time push & in-app notifications, you’ll always know what changes have been made to issue, checklists, and templates.

E-Mail Notifications

Receive notifications directly to your inbox. Optionally, you can create an own e-mail for notifications.

Role management

In Testify itself, there are standard roles with defined authorization concepts. In addition, you can create your own roles for users depending on your requirements.

Authorization management

Benefit from well planned authorization concepts in Testify and create security and flexibility.

Task cockpit

The integrated task overview clearly lists tasks for issues and checklist assignments.


Implement multiple language versions with the same database for optimal international collaboration across national borders.

Subscribe to test objects, checklists & issues

By subscribing to test objects, checklists and issues, you can stay up to date on what is happening in their professional area.


Mobile Networking

Native App

Testify is available as a Native App in the App Store of iOS and Android.

Offline Feature

With the help of offline capability, Testify can be conveniently used in places where there is no or poor internet connection.

Responsive Design

Testify can also be used as a WebApp from any internet-enabled device.

Any Operating System

Testify works on any operating system without restrictions.

Google Material Design

The familiar user interface from the private sector was brought into the business world.

Media documentation

On mobile devices with camera mode, photos and videos can be conveniently taken, edited and uploaded in the application.

QR-Code & Barcode Scan

Barcodes & QR codes can be conveniently integrated as part of issue documentation or to integrate inspection objects.



Events & Action Trigger

Define automatic workflows based on checklists, issues or inspection objects, taking into account selected parameters.

Automatic assignment to users and groups

When recording issues or checklists, responsible users or groups can be assigned automatically.

Specification of verification processes

Mandatory signature on completion of checklists.


Special features

Automatic translations with AI

Have your checklists automatically translated into over 10 languages.

Bulk actions

You can use multiple actions to assign several checklists at the same time. Create a comprehensive process chain in the shortest possible time and save valuable time in the process.

Plugin integration

Integrate your external software into Testify for an even more comprehensive user experience. For example, you can integrate your remote support or visualise your GPS data.


Business Analytics & Reporting


Reporting via Power BI

Data is evaluated in real time and made available in clear dashboards in the tool.

Integration of individual analysis tools

It is possible to use individual reporting tools for the analysis and evaluation of process data.




Standardized API Frameworks

Standard API frameworks are provided for creating individualized integrations to other systems.

Export in Third-Party-Systems

The results of the checklists, test reports, etc. can be automatically transferred to a third-party system of your choice as required.


Security & Infrastructure

Azure AD Single Sign on (SSO)

User credentials can be taken directly from the company’s Active Directory.

2-Weekly Release Updates

Testify gets a new update every two weeks with better, even more powerful features.

Geo-redundant backup planning


To avoid data center dependency, data is mirrored in another data center if desired.

Encrypted Communication

Communication within Testify is encrypted via TLS.

Microsoft Silver Competency

Testify ist Partner von Microsoft Silver Competency.




Separate Tenants

Individual design of the multi-tenant structure and fast switching between different tenants.

Analyses over several tenants

Real-time performance analysis across multiple tenants.


Tooling for easy import and export of entities in Testify.

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