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Digital collaboration from the shopfloor to the management.

With Testify's digital WebApp, digital collaboration across all business units succeeds in real time.

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For transparent, seamless collaboration on a central database.

You don't have to change the way you work. Testify flexibly adapts to your business requirements.

A central platform for shopfloor and management.

For uniform information flows across all business units.

Transparency down to the smallest verifiable individual steps.

For data-based process insights down to the smallest auditable unit.

Short response times.

For more efficiency in operational activities.

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Efficient collaboration with maximum usability. A wide range of functions at a glance.

Bring employees, subcontractors, customers and resources together on one platform.

User and group management.

Conveniently manage users and assign them to relevant groups in your organization.

In-App & Email Notifications.

Stay up to date on changes. With in-app & email notifications, you'll always know what your team is working on or where action is needed.

Individual role management.

Choose from defined standard roles for e.g. Quality Manager or define roles individually according to your business requirements.

Approval processes according to ISO 9001.

Create custom approval processes to review and approve documents or process steps.

Task view.

The integrated task overview clearly lists tasks for issues and checklist assignments by status and tags.


Implement multiple language versions with the same database for optimal international collaboration across national borders.

Subscribe to test objects, checklists & issues..

By subscribing to test objects, checklists and issues, you can stay up to date on what is happening in the respective area.

Authorization management.

Benefit from well thought-out authorization concepts in Testify and thus create security and flexibility.

Document Management.

Documented once, found again and again. Save relevant information directly in the checklist.


Create proven checklists within minutes and ensure a smooth process flow.

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Digital success stories of our customers.

Learn how Testify was able to support the digitization strategy of global market leaders in the manufacturing sector.

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