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Sustainable process orientation throughout the company

Bundle process requirements and design consistent processes across all business units in an instant.

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Well-known customers already rely on Testify for quality assurance of business processes.

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Standardized data flow across all business units.

Benefit from end-to-end, digital process control and standardized end-to-end processes.

Digital checklists for standardized process control

Intuitive modeling of quality and inspection processes

Standard-compliant document management

Data consolidation from the store floor to management

Can be fully integrated into primary systems

Real-time process performance reporting

Darum Testify

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From the Black Box to the White Box.
Make business processes measurable and transparent.

Model process sequences, establish standards, and coordinate internal process sequences across departments.

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Sustainable process orientation throughout the company.

Create processes intuitively and individually according to specialist requirements with the modular building block system.

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Establish method standards.

Define uniform identification and classification standards, release processes, procedural instructions, and more.

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Model and control processes.

Model processes using digital, dynamic checklists as the interface between employees, stakeholders, machines, materials, and more.

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Ensure compliance of the processes.

Implement compliance regulations with a defined set of rules, authorization management. From supplier compliance to field service measures.

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Coordination of processes across multiple functional areas.

Ensure transparent coordination of the requirements of all departments in a central location.

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Measurable process performance across all functional areas.

Define and implement process-specific KPIs for sustainable optimization of your business processes.

A wide range of functions for
process optimization and quality improvement.

Configuration instead of coding. Bundle all process requirements in one central location and serve the store floor and management equally.

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Access from any device, regardless of operating system.

Flexible Configuration.

Avoids follow-up costs due to customizing.

Mapping of corporate structures.

for the secure integration of departments & users.

Approval processes according to ISO.

Map ISO processes according to applicable standards

Integrated Issuemanagement.

Enables you to identify, analyze & fix sources of errors.


Saves you valuable resources during implementation.


Optimizes separate data management with identical processes.

API connection to third-party systems.

Ensures you seamless communication with other systems.

Structured data collection

Helps you make data and fact-based decisions.

Automatic analyses in real time.

Makes KPIs for processes tangible and provides a basis for process optimization and quality improvement.


Ensures global use on worldwide production sites.

Individual hosting options.

brings you decision on data sovereignty.

Partial automation

Speeds up manual processes and minimizes sources of error.


increases acceptance & strengthens trust in one's own brand.

Responsive Design

saves you switching costs.

Testify provides us with the basis for process optimization.

The further potential we see in Testify is immense. The digital data from the tours can be linked to the existing data and thus enable many more evaluations for process optimization.

Thomas Riethmann
Betriebsleiter, Evonik

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