First Steps – Demo

Our established project approach for your Usecase


Max. 1 month
Designed to give you a feeling for our handling. Optional Support-Packages can be booked.


Max. 6 months
Fast implementation and desired outcome for your department and decision maker.


Based on our flexible Multi-Axis-Pricing we can offer you the best solution for your Usecases.

These Partners might help us during your implementation


Our approach in more detail

We don´t talk about Digitalization – we just make it easy!

  • Seriously no Salespitch or Slides
  • Detailed insights into Testify adjusted to your Usecase
  • Common developement of your case including reporting
  • Depending on your Usecase with Testify or one of our Partners
  • Max. 1 month
  • Includes setup via Software as a Service (SaaS) in Testify shared Cloud (Microsoft Azure)
  • Includes 1 hour support at the end of your testing-trial
  • Lead time: 1 day
  • Optional Support-Package as additional Feature for your added value
  • Max. 6 months including setup and hosting
  • Includes 12 hours Training- and Support-Package
  • Supported by Testify or Partner
  • Standard Detail-Reporting (MS PowerBI) including 3 named Reporting-User
  • secure feasibility analysis for Go-Live under real circumstances
  • no procurement-risk for further project phases!
  • Individual Reporting Adjustments
  • Support-Package Upgrade
  • Private Cloud (Microsoft Azure)
  • On-Premise (Customers Server)
  • API to your leading system (ERP) with Testify Standard Sync-Service including monitoring
  • Maintenance agreement

Our Multi-Axis Pricing

Our Pricing is as flexible as Testify itself and is driven by your requirements and processes.

Example 1

Amount of users and Testify-Standard-Features as your individual planning guide. Based on your required users, Testify scales (axis 1). There is no limitation on your internal Usecases or departments.

Amount of Users

You need a certain amount of users to reach your targets? Further users can be purchased via Testify scale-up packages.


Usecase / Process/ Location

You do not want to limit Testify on your Usecases / Processes / Locations or Departments? Defined users can collaborate, no matter where they are located or what they are doing.


Testify Standard-Features

Let your coworkers discover and profit from the whole funktionality (Checklists and Issue-Management).


Example 2

Your Usecases / Processes / Locations or Departments, combined with Testify-Standard-Features as your individual planning guide. You do not limit your amount of users – you can integrate your partnering companies as well.

Amount of Users

You can use digital collaboratin via Testify into full extent. Integrate suppliers, customers, subcontractors or partners into your digital processes.


Usecase / Process / Location

Testify usually starts with one single Usecase / Process / Location or Department. Let Testify grow inside your company - without dependency on the amount of users.


Testify Standard-Features

Do you only want to use Issue-Management in your Usecase? Later on you can extend Checklists with Testify scale-up as much as you want to.