Feature Update – Configurable background images for PDF test reports.

written on 10.08.2021


At Testify, we have developed a modular toolkit that enables you to digitally control, document and analyze all types of mobile testing and quality processes.

This month we present a key feature that significantly expands our software toolbox.

CI-compliant test or inspection reports for a professional external appearance with stakeholders.

Individual configuration of reports has already been possible since the last update of test reports. Now another important milestone for customizing test reports has been reached. With the latest release, you can now define a a background image for the cover as well as for following pages per test report under the global report profile settings. This function is optional. If no background image is defined, the standard design of the test report is used.

With the new Custom PDF test report we offer you an excellent possibility to create your test results as well as a detailed list of deviations and issues. At the push of a button, it is possible to easily create a comprehensive inspection report that contains all the necessary information about your inspection process and is quickly available.

If you want to learn more about our software, please reach out to us.

New report in line with the corporate design.

Welcome to the World of Quality Excellence.

Read more about our latest feature updates in our blog.

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