The most powerful and flexible checklist software to digitalize business processes.

Make your business processes controllable and transparent with Testify's flexible checklist software.

Why we are different
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Leading companies worldwide have already successfully implemented Testify in their business processes.

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We make
quality measurable.

Improve quality and safety.

With Testify, you get a tool that not only helps you digitize all kinds of testing processes, but also optimize them sustainably.

Increase efficiency.

Reduce turnaround times, solve issues up to 60% faster and benefit from individual quality reports that are generated for you in real time and reveal potential for improvement.

Strengthen collaboration.

Bring all your employees, customers, partners and suppliers together on one platform and create a consistent awareness of the quality of your products and services.

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Testify - mobile data collection on your entire shopfloor and further.

With Testify's powerful functions you have a mobile tool to collect, document and analyze all kind of business processes. This results in higher efficiency, productivity and transparency in the entire value chain.

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For every step of your digitization strategy,
the right solution.

Testify is the solution for creating digital checklists and issues tracking for any type of inspection process from incoming goods inspection to final acceptance and beyond.

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Digitales Checklist- &

Create checklists intuitively within minutes. Integrated issue tracking completes the execution of inspection processes and makes it easier for you to track and quickly execute maintenance processes.

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Automated quality processes
throughout the company.

With the flexible modular system, you are able to fully model complex corporate structures and the versatility of your products and services and provide a standard tool for all business units for digital quality assurance across the entire value chain.

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Scalable quality assurance across company boundaries.

Testify starts where your ERP system ends. Thanks to complete integration into your system landscape, a wide range of test processes such as incoming goods inspections, production monitoring and after-sales lifecycles, in particular field service and maintenance, can be modeled.

This transforms your process or quality management into a scalable solution across the entire value chain.

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Data-based process optimization
in real time.

Transform your process and quality data into a business tool that provides you with all relevant information about your quality processes clearly and in real time in the integrated dashboards. Predictive quality thus becomes a lived practice.

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100% Customizing - 0% Coding
The most flexible toolkit for your project.

Developed together with leading global corporations, Testify has established itself as the solution for digital quality assurance of business processes.

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Device and browser independent.

Whether iOS, Android or Windows, Testify can be operated on any internet-enabled device.

Multi-Tenant setting.

The multi-tenants setting allows for integration of external stakeholders and promotes collaboration within a system.

Intuitive Checklist-Designer.

Checklists can be customized with a variety of check types.

Automated workflow management.

Define triggers and actions and simplify your work with automated processes.

Data Analytics in real time.

Data from your inspection processes are provided to you in real time.

Integration in system landscape.

Via standard connectors and REST API, we enable seamless integration into your system landscape.

Customized PDF Exports.

Test reports can be easily generated in accordance with your compliance regulations.

Permissions and role management.

Define individual roles and permissions according to your requirements.

Issue- and taskmanagement.

Recorded issues and checklists are clearly presented to employees as tasks in the task overview.

Why Testify?

We digitalize the last mile of your digitalization roadmap.

Locations worldwide
where Testify is used

Performed Checks

Collected Issues

With Testify, the quality control effort has now been reduced by 40%. This is a huge increase in productivity for us.

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Johann Zoppoth
Quality Manager, Bombardie

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Make the daily work easier and quality measureable.

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