Checklist software: The game changer in qualityprocesses.

written on 20.04.2021


With paper-based checklists and manual data analysis in Excel, there are not only overwhelming amounts of files, but also a lot of work.
Checklist software can help to make quality control easier and more efficient as part of the inspection process.

Here you can read about the advantages of checklist software - such as Testify - compared to paper checklists, Excel and the like.

More structure – instead of paper chaos!


Digital checklists are not just the digital image of paper checklists. With checklist software, entire procedures and process chains can be defined.

Data can be recorded in a structured manner and clearly presented. By automating quality processes throughout the company, your business processes become controllable and transparent.

In addition to digitalising and optimising your inspection processes, there are many other advantages that speak in favour of a uniform tool for quality control and process support: Improved quality and safety, clear responsibilities and a transparent flow of information, better collaboration, real-time data analysis, less time spent, and many more.

Traceability and a transparent flow of information – instead of unclear responsibilities!

While paper checklists create additional communication channels, information silos and media discontinuities, all information can be managed centrally and clearly with the help of digital checklist software.

With a uniform tool for both operational process sequences on the shop floor as well as strategic and administrative activities, quality controls can be handled completely digitally.


Deviations, errors or defects that occur during an inspection process can then be recorded and assigned directly in the mobile web app, right where they happen. You can check at any time which inspections have already been completed and which are still outstanding. All tasks can be assigned to specific persons or work groups.

Clear responsibilities also ensure better cooperation. Defect management and task management do not require cumbersome communication channels. Recorded defects and checklists are now clearly made available to staff as tasks in the task overview.

Real-time collaboration (in creating defects, documenting them and assigning them to a responsible colleague) saves you time and valuable resources.

Continuous quality assurance from the supplier to the customer!

Imagine being able to digitally record all the previously non-transparent inspection processes of your suppliers, subcontractors, partners and after-sales service providers with just one checklist software and create a digital image of your entire value creation structure.


With a central tool for collecting quality data accompanying production and the multi-client capability of the system, you also have the possibility – beyond the internal company area – to create a platform for cooperation for your customers, partners and suppliers.

In this way, you can work with your partners to ensure that there is a common understanding of quality and that errors and defects can be detected early on in the value chain.

In addition, the awareness of the quality of your products and services can be increased.

Less time required!

With a modular system, you have a quality tool in your hands with which you can completely and individually map corporate structures, release processes and the entire heterogeneity of your products and measuring equipment thanks to integrated test equipment and test object according to your corporate requirements.


Within minutes, digital checklists can be created and made available to individual departments and areas.

Thanks to clearly structured defect management, throughput times can be reduced and defects can be solved up to 60% faster. The integration of defect recording into the checklist software rounds off the implementation of inspection processes. Tracking is thus facilitated and a fast execution of maintenance processes is made possible.

The reduced documentation effort saves you time in creating, updating, providing, searching and archiving documents. With a cloud solution, you also have all information at your fingertips and available in real time on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Higher data quality – ready to access at any time

Data that is collected with paper checklists often entails a work process of tedious manual typing in order to be able to evaluate the tables with Excel afterwards.


With digital data collection – directly on site with mobile devices – you always have your process and quality data available in real time and save manual processes for data collection and consolidation.

Furthermore, software such as Testify can be easily integrated into existing ERP systems, such as SAP. Full integration into your system landscape ensures continuous data exchange and your data only needs to be maintained in one place. So you don’t have to change your way of working completely.

Identify business potential thanks to evaluable, transparent data!

Instead of producing opaque paper files without end, in which data accumulates unused, you can analyse your process and quality data in real time through digital quality controls.

You will find all your quality data and relevant quality process information clearly presented on dashboards. This allows you to subsequently optimise your processes based on data.

Within the framework of risk analysis, countermeasures can be derived at an early stage, and potential for improvement can be uncovered through individual quality reports.

Creating these quality reports is extremely easy with software like Testify. Test reports can be created with a few clicks. Adaptation to your compliance regulations is possible at any time.


By using a uniform central tool for all processes, you reduce complexity and create more clarity in your business processes.

With software that offers data analysis for your processes in addition to digital checklists and deficiency management, you gain detailed insights at the operational level.

You get maximum information with minimum effort!

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